Tucked away down the end of a dark, dank street, where the foul smell of the city hung heavy in the air, was an establishment that had been left derelict for years. It wasn’t until some rather extraordinary strangers moved in that the impossible began to happen.


As if by magic the stench that plagued the street was replaced by the most exquisite aroma imaginable, and it was coming from inside the shop.


With nothing but a sign that read ‘Floretique’ hanging crookedly in the window, the locals could only assume it was a doorway into another world. Stacked from floor to ceiling with jars full of the most exotic florals ever, the extraordinary strangers who lived there had travelled far and wide sourcing nature’s finest ingredients to create a collection of teas unlike any other.


Enticed by the rich aromas and refreshingly exotic flavours, everyone flocked to Floretique. However, the real magic went beyond the smell and taste, fore the extraordinary strangers had crafted teas that flowered in the cup.


A beautiful sight as rare as the ingredients themselves, it quickly became known as ‘blooming tea’.


the story